Time-lapse Camera Project
for Raspberry Pi

A simple Python script that allows you to capture a sequence of images with the Raspberry Pi camera module; that can then be combined easily into a stop-motion, timelapse video clip.

Simple step-by-step guide on setup, installation and getting the most out of your Raspberry Pi as a timelapse image capture device.

Ideas on how you can integrate the Pi, camera and power source into containers so the project can be readily deployable in the field.

Featured in Instructables Raspberry Pi section, this is a great starter project for anybody keen to learn about basic electronics and Python programming.

More information and getting started

You can follow the step-by-step tutorial over at Instructables or on the blog where there are tons of help comments and suggestions from other users.

Source Code

Download the source code to get you started over on the FotosynLabs Bitbucket Repository