What information is collected?

No Information is collected from either the websites nor any apps. No information related UDIDs on devices, location data, contacts, images etc. is collected. All apps have  passed App Store submission criteria and work within the rules set down by Apple. In this respect our apps do not utilise any collection of statistical data in-app nor does it transmit any information related to your use of the app on your device.

How will any information supplied be used?

If you make contact by email, you will receive a reply if this is requested; and will only be on a per received message basis. Analytics data retrieved from the webserver whenever you visit fotosyn.com only logs items like browser version, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and/or IP Address. This is only purely for statistical information to help improve user experience, customer insight and is only checked periodically. No information in obtained can identify you personally, nor is any of this information supplied to anyone else. Any data related to sales from the App Store does not contain any personal details related to downloads or use of the app.

What security measures are used to protect information?

Your email address, if sent through correspondence can be deleted if requested but it is not added to any mailing lists or address books. Contact information is not collected or stored.

Will any information be shared with others?

Absolutely not. And if it ever were then it would be in accordance with EU laws on Data Protection. This would mean you would need to opt-in to any communications or further mailings. Effectively we need your permission to contact you directly.

With regards to Social Networks like Twitter and Instagram, we work within their guidelines for acceptable use.

To get in touch

Just send an email to info@fotosyn.com