BerryCam - Use your iPad and iPhone to control your Raspberry Pi camera by James Moore


Use your iOS device to control the Raspberry Pi camera module. Control exposure modes, special effects for still images with the simple interface - no need to learn (too many) complex SSH commands. Quickly and easily preview your images on the iOS device and save to your camera roll. The same images are also saved to your Raspberry Pi.

A great way to experiment with the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi camera.

I've written a support page for BerryCam which can be launched from within the app, and accessed here. There's Python source code to get you up and running so you can easily integrate the Raspberry Pi with your iOS device.

For more information on getting started visit


Introducing Gelóscope on Flipboard by James Moore


The new Magazine tool on Flipboard is Awesome! So too are the images you're making with Geló. That's why I'm hoping to curate a collection of images created with or using the app using the cool new magazine feature of Flipboard. If you'd like any of your images featured in this new online journal I would love to include them. Just tag them #gelóscope on Instagram, Flickr or your fave photo sharing site.

We totally respect your copyright so any images are simply linked from your original with your full profile credit. Just add #gelóscope if you would like to see them added.

And don't forget to subscribe to the journal over on Flipboard if you have it installed.

Gelóscope -

Get Flipboard for iOS here. (It's free)...


Introducing Geló by James Moore


We're delighted to announce the launch of Geló, an exciting new app that allows you to add coloured gels, shape overlays and gradients to your images. Shapes and Overlays: Work with solid colour, strong geometric shapes and gradients in a variety of blend modes to enhance colour or add design impact to your images.

Gradients: Add atmosphere to skies, shapes pull out sections of images and solid colours make for something a bit different. Geló lets you….

Save your favourite settings and tones with a fully customisable 32-colour swatch palette.

Use pinch, rotate and pan gestures to get the overlay for your image just right.

Geló also features...

  • Built in camera
  • Full resolution
  • Geolocation and EXIF/IPTC metadata.


Intro from Fotosyn on Vimeo.