iPhone 6 Plus. A week in. / by James Moore


Last week, after a bit of a wait I received my iPhone 6 Plus. Opening the simple white, de-bossed packaging I was presented with the huge, glossy handset.  After restoring effortlessly from iCloud I was up and running in minutes. Having been a user of iOS8 for quite some time, and seeing the new device up close in the Apple Store already there were no unexpected surprises in the new device. 

At the time of writing, I have used the device now for roughly a week and I thought I'd share with you some of the nuances of the new device and where it really shines.

Things to get used to:

The sheer size of this device. Really has an impact on how you handle it - it feels a tad precarious for one handed photography and I recommend you position the Camera app bottom left of right (depending on whether you are left or right handed).


The thin-ness of it. Again means you adjust your grip. A case does help add heft but it’s definitely not as angled, weighty or as secure in the hand as say an iPhone 4 or 5. In saying that, after a week of being used and carried in pockets, jackets, trousers or shirt it hasn’t bent at all. No surprises there then.

Great new features:

The camera. It is really really great. Low light is where is comes into its own, or photographing items that need sharpness for total fidelity. Copying sketches from paper and whiteboards in particular shows the hardware lens stabilisation benefits.


It’s damn fast. Everything loads in a snap. It responds super quick to app changes, user input and loading in webpages. Image processing shines with real-time editing running smoothly and jitter free.

The sheer size of the device. Have I mentioned this before? Going back to the iPhone 5 renders the smaller 4 inch display in a  new light. It feels tiny. On the 5.5 inch 6 Plus display, apps look great. Even those that scale up to fill the screen. UI orientation feels much more apparent. Safari feels almost like its iPad / OS X equivalents.

The screen. In short, the resolution of this screen is awesome. Photographs look super crisp and fill the screen. Even in apps like Instagram, the detail in the images is exemplary. The whole experience of using apps is much more engaging.



In all I cannot fault this device. It looks great. Feels great, if a little... wobbly at times in the hand, yet it performs brilliantly. Those swithering between the 6 and 6 Plus, weigh up your needs, but I would always recommend the bigger device. This is aimed at creatives and image editors. I can’t wait to see some of the iPad titles like Procreate make its way onto the device but the added real estate makes doing things so much easier.

The 6 is a great option too. I have been up close with both units and both feel much bigger than previous models. 6 or 6 Plus it is down to personal choice. When the screen is off, the 6 Plus definitely looks like it belongs in Android territory. Flip the screen on though and you are immersed in iOS8 which really is coming into it’s own day by day with apps updating to take on the new functionality.