Geló Tutorial #5 - Screenprint Pop-Art Style / by James Moore


The Pop-Art look, championed by the likes of Andy Warhol is a popular effect that works with images that have simple elements like solid shapes and good contrast. Such a graphic style is dictated by the medium of screen printing, which uses simple masking, halftoning and printing through a masked stencil. The result is large flat areas of colour, sharp edges and high contrast.

This effect is easily achieved using Geló.

In this example, we are using traffic lights and overhead powerlines from downtown Tokyo. The relatively light backdrop of the sky will help define the shapes and the powerlines themselves add interest and direction.

Simply select the colour of your choice, and then edit this swatch. In this case we've set the image to MONO with HIGH CONTRAST. The gel mode is SOLID and we're using an ADD blend mode. This has effect on shadows and darker areas replacing the blacks and greys with the chosen colour.

You could then add other colours over the top of this; blue or yellow might work well, but this simple effect makes for a great stylising tool for your images.

Next up - Make your skies "pop" with Grads.

You can download Geló for iPhone and iPod here...