Geló Tutorial #3 - Sepia tint / by James Moore


Sometimes an image benefits from simple processes like the removal of colour, to enhance the "graphics" of the image, imply that colour was not needed in the first place or simply to give it a timeless feel. Given that there are more modern cars in this example, I am simply using this to enhance the main subject which is this classic Mini but this technique works brilliantly where there are no references to the present day.

The starting image was initially processed in Bleach Bypass to add contrast and lower the saturation of colour. The increase in contrast enhances the reflection in the paintwork (which was flawless by the way) to give light, shade and texture. Getting down low to photograph cars also helps draw the viewer into the picture. And cars look better generally at a lower angle.

I selected a brown tone to wash over the image in TINT mode. Taking the initial image I set the COLOUR mode to mono and rendered with STANDARD contrast.

For me, this reminds me of the look from an image taken on HP5 35mm black and white film that has been scanned in colour.

Of course, you could tint with any colour to suit. Greens and blues work particularly well to give a screen printed or litho feel to an image. Try out a few ideas for yourself to see how you can subtly change an image.

Next up - Duotones.

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