Geló Tutorial 14 - Breaking up images with shapes / by James Moore


Using coloured shapes within Geló, you can great all sorts of effects. With a combination of blend modes, you can create multiple effects in areas that can break images up, and add new shapes as the result of overlaps. In this tutorial we'll look at this technique, of blending two shapes together with different blend modes. Let's start with an image that was initially run through Simply B&W. This allows us to increase contrast, remove colour and make the image more graphic in its composition.

After loading in your selected image, select a bright, strong hue. Reds, strong green, vibrant blue or yellows will work best. Mid tone colours may not produce the results here but, as always it's good to experiment.

Using a square overlay, we'll scale this up to full width of the image, and position roughly halfway across the image. Top or bottom it won't matter, and of course chose the composition that best suits your image. Render this over the image with an over blend mode and save.

In subsequent versions of Geló you will be able to add multiple shapes in one edit. However in this first (version 1.0) this isn't yet available.

Reload your saved image back into Geló (with the shape added) and select the same swatch you previously applied. This is best to try first as the colour is exactly the same, and will be positioned in the same area of the image. Reposition this shape so that an area of the gel overlays the already coloured part of the image. In essence so the two gels overlap.

Apply this new position and select the add blend mode. You will notice in the image above that the blacks in the top area are coloured using this blend mode, and the lower area of the image, the over blend mode has affected the lighter areas, colouring them red.

Where the two effects meets, and overlap you notice that each effect cancels each other out - in this case with a thinner red stripe. This is the result of compound blends that have an effect on different parts of the image (ie light and dark)

Save your image with this new combined blending.

If you wish, you can add further effects such as gradients, other shapes to make your image different. In this example we've added a blue overlay just to deepend the red and take away the stark colour from the increased contrast.

Try it yourself with shapes at angles, maybe similar colours for more subtle effects (such as a deep red with a burnt orange) or mixed with gradients.

Here are a few other examples...

Geló blending example Image