Geló Tutorial #12 - Cinematic film look / by James Moore


We've all seen the musty, cinematic effect in movies; classics like Rear Window, Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Bladerunner, the list goes on... They're all shot in film which 'adds' another layer to the visuals. There are the murky blue blacks, that soft greenish tint and muted highlights. It all evens out but there's contrast, rich colour.

This simple tutorial shows you how you can achieve a similar effect in Geló. It wont work for all settings, and the values shown don't necessarily apply to your own images. But it gives you an idea.

Once we load the image in, lets add a degree of colour and contrast to the shadows. Using a dark blue (eg. R:0, G:14, B:27, A:69) with HIGH contrast over a COLOUR image. Using TINT blend mode, this will increase contrast, yet retain highlights adding colour in darker areas.

Save the image and reload back in.

Next we will add a pale beige colour (yes beige) which 'softens' those highlights and gives the image an all-over filmic look. We've used the values (R:194, G:169, B:118, A:59) in this example but again tweak until it suits. Blend this OVER the COLOUR image with STANDARD contrast.

Save this image and then reload into Geló from the Camera Roll.

Next we'll add a deep green tint (R:60, G:79, B:35, A:61) over the COLOUR image with STANDARD contrast. This gives an added greenish tint to mid-tone shadows and the edges of highlights.

Overall, the depths of shadow are increased, colour saturation is added and the image has a more cinematic feel to it. More akin to the 35mm films used in the 70s and 80s than digitally mastered films in recent years.

Try it for yourself, use purples and blues instead of greens; try daytime scenes for cinematic impact.

Final image before and after here...

You can download Geló for iPhone and iPod here...