Geló Tutorial #11 - Cross Processed Look / by James Moore


Cross processing had been made popular thanks to the lomography but it is a photographic technique that has been around for quite some time. Cross processing (also known as Xpro) involves processing a photographic film, usually slide file in the incorrect chemicals. A commonly used formula for Xpro is the processing of E6 (slide film) in C41 (colour negative) chemistry. Resulting images have unnatural colours and high contrast and the results of cross processing vary depending on the chemicals and film used. Certain films take on a greenish tinge, while others will turn red or purple.

Depending on your taste, you can replicate this using Geló, and a simple bit of research will help you find colours that you may wish to replicate.

In this image we have taken a classic Dodge Charger shot on a sunny day. The subject lends itself well to cross process, being the epitome of retro and retro style - which cross process is perfectly suited to. Similarly it works well with portraits or other scenes.

After loading the image we will add a dark green gel which is added with a SOLID gel using a TINT blend mode over the image. This darkens the shadows and intensifies the colours. Keep the image in COLOUR and with NORMAL contrast. You may need to deviate from this dependent on your own shot but this works better in this image.

Save the image with the gel, and then reload this newly processed image back in to Geló. Select a lighter green, and overlay using SOLID gel mode with an OVER blend mode and keep the image mode as COLOUR.

Using the edit sliders, take the alpha for this new solid overlay down to between 40% and 50%; so as to add a film of muted green colour.

Finally, bump the contrast of this image up by setting the contrast mode to HIGH.

Save your image which now has a greenish cast similar to a cross processed image.

Of course, look around on the internet for other examples of cross processing and try to replicate using the colours and gels within Geló

Next up - create a cinematic film look.

Final image here...

Some examples of cross processed film can be seen here...

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