Geló Tutorial #10 - Using shapes / by James Moore


With Geló we can easily add simple shapes over images, in the same blend styles as we have added solid gels and grads. Over the coming months more shapes and options will be added to Geló but for now we'll focus on one of the simple shapes, a circle and how it can add a strong sense of design to an image.

We've taken a shot of a toy Honda S800, previously processed with Bleach Bypass to increase the levels of the image and add a pleasing vignette.

Selecting a burnt orange colour, we will add this using the CIRCLE gel mode with OVER blend mode. We've also set the image to MONO with HIGH contrast. This further brightens the image and adds contrast between the lights and darks. Using the circle in the default centre position, the shape fits nicely over the car itself.

You could use the circle to highlight a design feature, composition or indeed to break up a composition. Try it yourself with a variety of subjects. It's a great way to add something to a relatively plain image.

You can download Geló for iPhone and iPod here...