Geló Tutorial #1 - One-touch colour enhance / by James Moore

Tutorial 1

This is the first in a whole series of quick tutorials on using Geló. We'll start simple with a one touch enhance using the standard palette.

After loading an image, dial the colour selector to the third colour (yellow-orange) and apply to image. Select TINT blend mode and SOLID gel mode.

Within the edit panel, select COLOUR image mode, and STANDARD contrast. Ensure the RGBA values are roughly as shown in the image - and adjust to suit (236, 180, 42, 100)

This effect is great on images with autumnal tones and deep orange/yellows. The resulting image has a glow to these colours and overall the image has more visual impact.

It would also add dramatic impact to a sunrise image - I'll need to find one to try this out.

Next up - One touch sunset boost.

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