Raspberry Pi

Another Raspberry Pi Timelapse by James Moore

Another quick timelapse taken over a 48hr period during a recent visit to the Highlands of Scotland. We stayed in a small, remote lodge on the banks of Loch Broom, directly across from the fishing town of Ullapool.

This was a good test to leave the Pi's out for a sustained period of time; due to the remoteness of the location and to test the waterproofing of the tins themselves.

Scotland, being Scotland, it did rain. There is quite a bit of distortion caused by water over the lens but it cause the devices no problems whatsoever.

Trying something like this yourself is easy. Check out my page at http://fotosyn.com/timelapse/ where there is a full guide to getting started.

BerryCam Express is now available. Get it for your Raspberry Pi on Github. by James Moore

BerryCam Express

BerryCam Express for Raspberry Pi is now available. This initial release allows you to control the camera on your Pi directly from any networked device including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or your desktop or laptop PC. Timelapse functionality will follow shortly which means you can control your time-lapse tin can cam and we're exploring adhoc network connectivity so you can use it anywhere.


Pop over to http://berrycam.net for more information and to download the source code from the Github repo.

Coming Soon… BerryCam Express – control your Raspberry Pi camera from ANY Device. by James Moore

BerryCam with themes on iPad and Android

It's been amazing to see what everybody has been doing with BerryCam and I am absolutely delighted with the support and enthusiasm everybody has shown for the app itself. But there was always one thing missing and that was support for all platforms including Android, Windows Mobile or even just your average desktop or laptop. And it wasn't truly open. For new features, they needed to be asked for. And with limited time I was finding it difficult to implement them all...

Nexus 7 running BerryCam Express

So I came to a decision; one that was quite easy to make. End the development lifecycle of the current BerryCam iOS App, refactor the code into a super slim HTML/KnockoutJS web app hosted directly on the Pi and give everybody the chance to run it on any device they wish.

BerryCam TimelapseAnd at the same time, introduce a whole new pile of improvements including timelapse support with time-window capture and user definable capture intervals.  Essentially it's BerryCam and the time-lapse  script merged into one app; with the same easy-to-use front end.

What this does mean, is that inevitably support for the native iOS app will be ended, and in turn the app will be withdrawn from the App Store in a few weeks. But this new version will be so much more easy to set up and use on any device you wish.

And for all you hackers out there; it will be fully open source. So you can continue to enjoy Pi Photography and customise it to your own needs.

Talking of customisation; there's also a pile of new themes that allow you to skin up your app the way you like it. Again, there are no limits to what you can do here and I look forward to seeing pimped-up or super sleek UIs for the app in the future! All the LESS source is part of the app package which will be put up onto the repo soon.

Again, thanks everybody for the support. I'll post an update with the repo links and instructions once it's all finalised! -- Jim

Introducing LEDBorg Express by James Moore


One of the most common questions related to my Raspberry Pi projects is whether or not there is planned availability for Android devices. I'm now looking at doing this from now on for any Pi projects using a more flexible Python-driven web-application base. Starting off with the original LEDBorg app, I have now pushed a web version to the repo. This application lives on the Pi and can be accessed from any device on the same network. This includes any desktop or laptop, smartphone or tablet and as long as it has internet connectivity and a decent browser it will work.

In the coming weeks I'll be doing the same for BerryCam combining its functionality with the Timelapse Camera ensuring that it continues to develop as the various operating systems evolve and extending the app's reach to our friends using Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

You can get the full build of LEDBorg Express on the Repo at https://bitbucket.org/fotosyn/fotosynlabs/src